date:2004/07/05(Mon) 23:19
url :http://www.jumiko.com
Edit your CGI
Nice to meet you...^^
This time I give you a write
beacause I want to ask for the editing for your CGI skin.
I will translate your skin in
Chinese and put the skin in my site for the other people to download if you permit my idea.
*The most impotant things that is I will not delete your copyright display in the skin.
I am a Hong Kong girl.I really don't know Japanese.I hope you can give a write back to me in this board or a mail.So can you use English to write back.I hope you can write back as soon as possible.^^
I am sorry to my poor English.
Hope that you can know what I mean.^^"
My mail:nga_wun_lui@yahoo.com.hk

date:2004/07/08(Thu) 06:50
url :
Re: Edit your CGI
Hi! Thank you for coming.
Sorry,I cannot permit distributing edited CGI.